Maximizing Your Space with a Smart RV Interior

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It’s no surprise that our moods and emotions are impacted by the spaces we spend time in. A poorly-designed, cluttered, cramped RV can make you feel depressed and stressed. On the flip side, a beautiful RV interior can make you feel comfortable, happy and serene. Spending time in your RV should have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, not dreaming of a vacation from your vacation.

We care deeply about our fellow RV-ers and want them to enjoy the RV lifestyle as much as we do. That’s why we put together these tips and tricks to help you make the most of your RV with a smart and beautifully-designed interior. And don’t worry, updating your RV interior doesn’t have to cost much -- even simple changes like a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in transforming your space!

Get Creative with Smart RV Interior Ideas

The most challenging part of designing an RV interior: limited space. However, this challenge can also be seen as an exciting opportunity. Less space means you can make a drastic transformation without dedicating too much time or resources to the process. It also means you can plan out every inch of space thoughtfully and intentionally to make the most of it.

To help get you started, below are a few RV interior design considerations to keep in mind as you create, update or renovate your RV:

  • Color Matters: Certain paint colors can help make your RV interior appear larger than it is. Stark white is the most obvious choice, but if you want something a bit more interesting, consider colors like light taupe, blush pink or cool gray.

  • Think Outside the “Box”: Don’t forget to think beyond the walls of your RV and make the most of outdoor space. For example, you can create an outdoor living area with great fold-away outdoor furniture, an outdoor bbq, a movable fire pit, lawn games and more.

  • Keep it Light & Bright: One of the rules of designing small spaces is to keep them as light and as bright as possible. Updating the lighting in your RV is a quick and easy way to transform the space and make it appear larger and more inviting.

  • Be Practical: Think about how your RV is going to be used and design the interior with practicality in mind. For example, even if you love carpeting, it might not hold up well against those sandy, muddy outdoor adventures. Opt for materials that will make life on the road easier, not more difficult.

  • Think Tiny: The tiny house movement is booming. If you need some inspiration for your RV interior, look to tiny homes for innovative and modern interior design ideas.

Creating Multi-Use Spaces

With limited space, you’ll have to get creative in order to make the most of what you have. Creating convertible, multi-use areas is a great way to maximize on space and make your RV more versatile and flexible. Below are just a few ideas to help get you inspired:

  • An RV dining area can easily be transformed into an extra bed. All you need is a table that lowers down to meet with the seating and some movable cushions to create a comfy sleeping area.

  • A living room area or sofa can also serve as an extra sleeping space. There are many convertible sofa beds out there to consider -- some which even turn into bunk beds, providing not one but two extra beds.

  • Fold-down tables are a great way to add extra dining space, kitchen counter room, or even a hideaway workstation.

  • Throughout the RV interior, be sure to think creatively about where extra storage space can be incorporated. Can drawers be added under seating areas or coffee tables? Is there room for shelving up top? Can the headboard of the bedroom act as a hidden dresser? Leave no stone left unturned and no space left unused.

Space Saving Ideas for RV Appliances and RV Cabinets

When designing an RV kitchen, you may have to prioritize your needs and make some compromises. Which appliances are a must and which can you live without? Do you really need a microwave? A dishwasher? You should design your kitchen around the way that you cook and eat while you’re on the road.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are tons of space-saving kitchen appliances and equipment specifically-designed for RV or tiny home living. For example, most RV kitchens use miniature rather than full-size appliances to save space. Organization is also extremely important when it comes to RV kitchens. Here are just a few tools and tricks that can help you make the most of your tiny kitchen:

  • Collapsible colanders and dish tubs

  • Nesting / stack-able pots and pans

  • A hidden hanging wastebasket that sits behind a cabinet door

  • Over-cabinet door organizers to hang cutting boards and other tools

  • Magnet strips for hanging spices or knives

  • Fridge organization containers

  • Mini hammocks for fruit or vegetables

  • Fold-up or roll-up drying racks

  • Removable counter space

  • And much, much more!

Get the Most Out of Your RV Interior!

Once your new-and-improved home on wheels is up and running, we invite you to kick off your adventures with the best RV camping in Silverton at Silver Spur RV Park & Resort!

Of course, no matter how beautiful your RV interior is or isn’t, don’t forget why you purchased an RV in the first place: to get out there, travel, explore and LIVE! You shouldn’t let an imperfect setup or outdated interior stop you from enjoying your RV. Come stay with us at Silver Spur, where our resort-like facilities and the endless activities and sights of Silverton will keep you so busy making memories, you won’t have time to worry about your RV interior!

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